A new blogger…..

Hello All! I am new to this whole blogging scene. I have read and followed a lot of blogs, but never thought I could blog myself. I didn’t really think I had much to say, let alone people who would want to read any of it! Thanks to gentle nudging from a few colleagues I decided that I would give it a try.

A bit about me. I am in my 25th year of teaching. I started out as a Special Education teacher and realized at year seven that if I didn’t work on a Master’s Degree if a different field of education I would not retire from education. I then started a three year journey to completing my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from the University of Northern Iowa in the spring of 2000. All of the teachers in our cohort were full-time teachers already in classrooms.  This degree was so new that the state had not even written comparable endorsements for our licensing! Soon enough it was decided that we could take an additional 20 hours to complete an endorsement in School Library Media Services. I have been a Teacher-Librarian at Davenport North High School for the past 15 years. This year I added a new half-time role of Technology Integration Lead Teacher, so I am half-time in the library and half-time working with teachers and students on technology integration.

My goal with starting this is to blog about the cool classroom things that are happening with technology integration as well as to share tips on various technologies. I have had a Twitter account for a few years, but really wasn’t on it much. With my role change I often tweet and join various chat groups. I have discovered a whole new world that I have excitedly shared with my staff! One of my six roles as a TILT (Technology Integration Lead Teacher) is to provide Professional Development to my staff. I have done this for many years as a Teacher-Librarian, but now it is much more concentrated effort and some of my release time allows me to experiment and work with new programs, apps and technology, so that I can then share with my teachers.

So welcome to my first blog and special thanks to those that gave me the nudge! I think this is going to be an exciting adventure!


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