Professional Relationship Building….

Constant learning, no matter your personal or professional life, is a must! I was fortunate to attend #edcampiowa this past Saturday. It was a great day being with like minded professionals who want to better their instructional practice. Many of the sessions were topics that are current issues involving good instruction, technology and most importantly building relationships with colleagues and students.
Relationship building is a key component. Starting those professional relationships with each other then expand to our students. They see staff working together and hopefully in turn they see how it can benefit them when working with their peers. This sometimes comes to a stalling point however, when we start to feel too comfortable and don’t allow or push ourselves to expand our comfort zones. I think we are all guilty of this. Sometimes we may have a personality conflict with a colleague, sometimes we are not even on the same page, so how do we resolve that? Many times it takes a lot of hard work and personal reflection on what YOU can do differently. If we expect or assume that it is the other person’s responsibility  to change we are in for a rude awakening.

Professional relationships have expanded to online venues as well. Twitter is an amazing tool that has allowed me to widen my professional relationships without meeting in person. Following other professionals through Twitter chats not only broaden my horizons professionally, but now gives me another resource to tap when I have a question or need help with something.

So, how can a person work on relationship building with their colleagues? I have found a few sites that give some tips.

9 Habits of people who build extraordinary relationships

10 Tips For Building Strong Professional Relationships


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