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Why Blog?

This is a question that I often wonder about – a lot! I read many impressive blogs, only a daily basis, from educators and a variety of other people. I often think WOW, they are so brilliant and  have great ideas all the time. A friend of mine @mrsmeganmorgan shared a tweet with a blog from George Couros that speaks directly to all of excuses I give to Megan for not blogging!

We as educators tend to underestimate our knowledge and its worth. We are also not ones to bask in praise (at least I am not). In the role of Teacher-Librarian/Technology Integration Lead Teacher, I find myself downplaying what I really do know. As an example, I have an Art teacher,who is an amazing artist and teacher friend and colleague, that has started using technology more in his classroom. It started for me as a simple challenge to him. “How do you think you could use more technology or use it in a different way in your classroom?” The things that he now uses (Google Classroom, Google Apps, Hangouts etc.) have become commonplace in his classroom. I was having a conversation, with all four members of the Art Dept., about how my role in the Art CTT (Collaborative Team  Time)  has helped the them. My friend looked right at me and said “You challenged me to be a better teacher and step outside of my comfort zone.”

WOW! Another one of those ah-ha moments. Of course the first thing I wanted to do was to downplay what he said to me. But then I thought, no, I am going to take some credit for this!

This whole process of blogging falls right into all of this. What do I know or what can I share that might make the difference for even one person?

Blog away….Blog Away!




Where has the time gone?

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Wow – was it really last April when I last posted? Yikes! What was I doing, thinking or not thinking? My goal was always to blog about things related to education that I felt others would want to read about and obviously, as you can tell, I didn’t meet my goal. It wasn’t because I didn’t have anything to write about – I just ran out of time, energy and was in end of school survival mode.

So you might be thinking to yourself why didn’t she start back writing this fall? That is a good question! I just recently read, that it takes 21 days to really form a habit. This can be both good and bad habits 🙂 I would like to think that blogging is one of the good habits, so I need to be more diligent in my effort! It was also spurred on because I was asked if I would allow my blog to be linked on a district website for other educators. Yikes!

So, with a renewed sense of focus I am back to blogging! My goal is to write one blog a week until the end of the school year. Please help hold me accountable!