Monthly Archives: March 2017

Writer’s Block ….. but not for long!

I have something to admit. I am a fairweather blogger. I love to read others blogs, I love to teach others how to blog and what blogs to look at, but when it comes to me actually writing a blog it seems as if all that I know flies out the window! What is my problem? I think it stems from the thought that there many more people in the world who have more knowledge than I do on most topics. We are sometimes our own worst enemies!

Our district TLCS (Teacher Leadership Compensation System) has made significant inroads with getting teachers to try new ideas that will help with instructional practice . One of those things is the sharing of ideas. What a better way to do it than to use a blogging format? We discussed it last night during a Twitter Chat, that can be found at #dcsdpln. We discussed our stumbling blocks and also shared some of our favorite bloggers. We had a small, but mighty, group participate – but we shared many great ideas!

Our district-wide challenge for the month of April is to participate in a Blogging Challenge. Here is a link to the  website that describes the challenge:  I love the format of the challenge. Each week there will be a different topic to blog about. I think this will help those of us with writer’s block to share ideas, but most of all, jumpstart our blogging!

We all have unique talents and ideas we need to share. Those amazing bloggers that I follow all started somewhere. Maybe I will be the next amazing blogger that people talk about?
Are you up for the challenge?