It is the small things that count (#DCSDblogs Week 1)

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As I begin this blogging challenge starting off with the challenge of blogging about “One Good Thing” that has happened in our week.

As most people in Davenport know the  high schools went to 1:1 Chromebooks late last fall. Needless to say this has been quite a challenge trying to collect permission slips, make sure digital citizenship test of knowledge quizzes were completed and then the actual device, charger and bag handed out to almost 1,200 students. It is a miracle, but we survived the initial distribution! Now comes the most challenging part – dealing with lost and stolen Chromebooks. There are lots of procedures in place, when a CB is reported lost or stolen,  that falls to the responsibility of the Teacher-Librarian. Sometimes even with all of the safety nets in place not everything goes as planned.

Back in February I had a student report his Chromebook missing. I marked it lost in our system, had it disabled by our technology department and encouraged the student to be on the lookout for it. I also told him that if it wasn’t found that it would cost $200.00 to replace. Needless to say he told his parents that he lost his Chromebook and they were very upset with him. A few weeks later he brought a check in for $200.00 to take care of his fine for losing the Chromebook. I asked if his parents were okay with him checking out another Chromebook. He told me “my parents said I can’t have another one until I am more responsible.” I totally understood his parents hesitation and probably would have said the same exact thing to my own children. The student and I talked about the hardship of not having a Chromebook in class would cause him. What I loved was that he totally took ownership of the whole situation and we talked about how he needed to be more focused in class, listening more intently so he knew what to do to complete the assignments on his Google account when he got home. He was also able to come to the library computer lab if needed during the day.

Fast forward six weeks (This is where my One Good Thing happens!) and a teacher comes to me with a Chromebook that had a message on the screen saying it had been disabled. The teacher wasn’t sure where the Chromebook had come from, but they found it in the classroom. I told the teacher that the message meant that the Chromebook had probably been reported lost or stolen. Low and behold, I looked the Chromebook barcode up in the system and found out it belonged to the student who had lost it in February! I was so excited!!! I immediately called him down to my office. The minute he walked in I said, “Guess what has been found?” The look of relief and then the broad smile that came over his face was absolutely priceless! He was so relieved and couldn’t believe it had been found! The student just kept smiling and breathing a sigh of relief as we talked about getting the Chromebook re-enabled and getting the process started for the $200.00 refund for his parents. The student came in the next morning, still breathing a sigh of relief, to tell me that his parents were beyond thrilled that the Chromebook had been found.

Trying to keep up with the 1:1 initiative is a challenge, but when students thank me for helping them figure out something with their Google account or Chromebook it makes it worth it! Sometimes “The One Good Thing” that happens in your week isn’t something that moves mountains. “The One Good Thing” can be something simple and personal that brings a sigh of relief and broad smile from someone in need, to know YOU have made a difference!



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