Thankful to learn from others

It is week #2 of  #dcsdblogs challenge. The theme for this week is Teachers Learning from Teachers.


In my role as a TILT (Technology Integration Lead Teacher) and Teacher-Librarian many feel that I do or should know everything. What I can say is that is the furthest from the truth! I wish I could store that much information in my brain – but it might explode!

So as I was thinking of ideas of  what I wanted to write for this blog I kept coming back to the resources/teaching that I gain from my PLN on Twitter. We might not be in the same place or even the same time zones, but the ideas that I gain from my Twitter PLN are teaching me  new things and in turn I can then teach others! I am also fortunate enough to also work and learn from a great group of TILT’s (Technology Integration Lead Teachers). We share many ideas that are simple – but having those simple conversations in person or via email help to improve my learning which in turn helps to improve my teaching of others.

What it all boils down to is keeping it simple. Many might call that a “growth mindset”. Just like the quote above, if we are stuck in our own way of doing things we are not growing in our learning, which in turn affects how we teach our students and other teachers. It doesn’t always have to be an all day workshop, it can be a simple conversation in passing that help to increase our learning.

What are you doing to learn from others?


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